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Our market-leading platform is there to guide you through the entire self-build process ...

Process Map

The interactive and comprehensive process map guides you through the entire process step by step from inception to completion.

To-do lists

Each task is laid out methodically so it can be tackled in bite-sized chunks, understood and checked off along the way.

Guidance Docs

We provide all users with essential guidance documents and premium users with additional industry standard working documents.

Key features

Join Build Manager and you'll be able to...

Join a Community of Self-Builders

The members only Facebook group provides exclusive access to the Build Manager community for people to share experiences, challenges and tips with other like-minded self-builders. The additional support of the build manager community will give first time self-builders additional reassurance and confidence to take the first steps to realising their dream home.

Get Better Contractor & Supplier Rates

There is strength in numbers – we have combined the collective spend of our entire build manager community to allow us to negotiate preferential rates for you based on the increased buying power.

Tap into a Network of Professionals

Our team of professional partners offer an additional level of support tailored to your project and have been chosen specifically for their expertise and experience in construction and self-building. Our approved team of consultants can steer your project in the right direction from mortgage brokers, conveyancing solicitors and planning consultants through to construction estimators, architects, structural warranty providers and VAT reclaim specialists.

Avoid Common Pre-Construction Mistakes

A successful self build starts long before a spade enters the ground. We guide you through sourcing suitable land, establishing whether a project is viable and have simplified the steps involved with raising finance. Our walk-through of the planning and building control process prior to commencement on site ensures no nasty surprises.

Understand Compliance and Health & Safety Regs

As a self-builder you will have a range of legal obligations and will be responsible for everyone on site – not to be taken lightly; we offer practical advice throughout your build.

Learn How to Get The Best Deal

We show you how to get like for like quotes and how to compare them – avoiding the all too common disputes which arise from a basic misunderstanding of who does what!

Improve Cost Transparency & Planning

Self builds are notorious for going over budget! Our founders work in an industry where this simply cannot happen – we will show you how to set accurate and realistic budgets then track and control spending.

Get Quick Project Management Hacks

We will show you how to manage your self build like a pro using the same techniques, templates and programmes used in the construction industry by large contractors. Our process map and associated resources can be tailored to your chosen build route.

*COMING SOON* Access Expert Knowledge – Written in Plain English!

A technical explanation of the entire on-site construction process for a variety of techniques will provide an awareness of the options available and a good understanding for each element from demolition or stripping topsoil through to final decoration, snagging and building control sign off.

Our projects

We’ve partnered with construction professionals, advisors and businesses to help support projects just like yours.

“Build Manager has been a godsend! The Gold Package is worth every penny! Everything is explained in plain English which gave me a huge amount of confidence.”

Sarah Baulch, Watford

“It was great to find professional support specifically for self-builders, that understood the build process but also the challanges of managing your build around busy family life”    

Mr & Mrs Giles, North Lincolnshire

“You’ve been fantastically helpful, I will certainly be sharing your site on social media and recommending your services to other self builders. Thanks again for all your help”

Erica Brinkley-Everard, Suffolk

“The free advice Matt & Ben provided in the early stages of our 1st self-build gave us the confidence to project manage the build process ourselves, and saved us over £24,000”

Mrs Julie Teal , Yorkshire

“Now that I have upgraded to the Gold Package it’s great, really useful and with build manager support I now feel confident and ’empowered’ to drive our project forward”

Richard Keracher, Northumberland